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Shango lets you create powerful connections with one simple action - Shango Actions.

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Available for Android 4.1+

Apps are powerful tools but most users don't leverage the power of apps to work with the network because of complexity

We believe that the app world and the telecom carrier world need to join together in the cloud to create the simplest and most advanced NEW ways for people to communicate.

Shango builds products to unify your favorite apps with
your network.

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One Simple Action...

...Texts me automatically if something is wrong with my daughter's car

...Automatically texts a reply with my location to family or friends

...Logs my calls to
Google Drive

...Stores my texts and text'd pictures
to Evernote

"Breaks the barrier between systems, allowing services to be automated and bundled"


"Great value prop for operators from Shango on mashing up services to create new ones"


" ...a completely new user experience that makes a lot of sense.


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