Your Apps Should Be Smarter

You now have a choice of what services and apps are tied to your phone number. Shango breaks the barrier between your phone carrier and app developers.

Shango Actions allows you to control how standard services from your phone carrier, like voicemail, can work with the apps you use everyday. Your apps are now part of the phone number experience.

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One Simple Action

Stay Connected

Automatically receive a text if something is wrong with my daughter's car

Automate Responses

Automatically texts a reply with my location to family or friends

Record your Calls

Logs my calls to Google Drive

Save your Communication

Stores my texts and text'd pictures to Evernote

Break Barriers

Breaks the barrier between systems, allowing services to be automated and bundled

Great Value

Great value prop for operators from Shango on mashing up services to create new ones


...a completely new user experience that makes a lot of sense.